Monday, April 22, 2013

Modern quilt meeting

We had the meeting on Thursday, sorry to those who couldn't make it.

There didn't seem to be any real drive to start a Modern Quilt group from the people who were there, but a lot of really keen people couldn't attend.

BUT - there seemed to be an interest in starting a 'Contemporary Quilt group' that would include people who want to work in a more non-traditional way. When I have a little time I'll get together with some of the people who said they were interested and we'll thrash out a plan.

There is still an opportunity for a Modern Quilt Group to start in Wellington and I would suggest starting it as a 'Meetup Group' . For more information please go to Meetup Wellington.
It could be a Chalkle class or a Meetup group, there is already a meetup fabric swap group with hundreds of members. I'd be happy to run a beginners class through Chalkle if enough people are interested.

I apologise if you contacted me and I didn't answer, I forgot that comments from here go to my gmail account not my normal mail.

So its a bit in limbo at the moment, if anybody is ready to organise a group it would definitely go ahead.

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  1. Hi Clare, If you'd like some international support, join us on Facebook - Australasian MQG leader's group